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If you’re looking for some help to source candidates for your Video Games Jobs, High Score Recruitment can help. We’re a boutique Video Games Recruitment Agency who can help you find the very best Video Games Candidates. You can find out more in our ABOUT US . 

Who we recruit:

  • Video Games Programmers (AI Programmers, Gameplay Programmers, Tools Programmers, Render Programmers, Network Programmers, Graphics Programmers, Technology Programmers, Mobile Programmers, Unity Programmers, Audio Programmers, Lead Programmers, Senior Programmers, Junior Programmers).
  • Video Games  Artists (Lead Artist, Senior Artist, Junior Artists, Technical Artist, Concept Artist, Lighting Artist, Vehicle Artist, Shader Artist, Maya, 3ds Max, 3D Artist, 2D Artist, UI Artist).
  • Video Games Animators (Mocap, Motionbuilder, Facial Animation, Character Animators)
  • Video Games Producers ( Associate Producers, Producers, Outsource Producers, Internal Producers, Executive Producers, Technical Producers, Prince, Scrum, Waterfall
  • Video Games Designers – (Lead Designer, Senior Designer, World Designer, Level Designer, Online Designer, Mobile Designer, UI Designer)
  • Video Games Management (Studio Head, Technical Director, Creative Director, Development Director, Animation Director)

Why should you work with us?

Here at High Score Recruitment, we’re in the business of making friends. We want our candidate friends to find the most suitable job for them. Likewise, our client friends need to find the perfect person for their open role and that is where we can help.

We’ve no interest in forcing a round peg in to a square hole. We always without exception discuss roles with candidates, ensure they’ve looked at the company, role and the job to ensure it is the right option for everyone.

We can ultimately save you time and money. Having worked in the games industry for over 14 cumulative years, we have taken the time to build up our network of Video Games friends. We understand the Video Games Industry, understand Video Games jobs and we understand recruitment. We utilise our network, source hard to reach talent, head-hunt talented in demand candidates.

We’re a specialist boutique recruitment agency, offering a premier service. What does that mean? It means we set up the agency we always wanted to work for. An agency that cared more about making people happy, than sales. We love to work with clients that we have a relationship with. We love to offer a tailored service. We quite simply offer a service and expertise that no one else can provide.

We can guarantee that you are working with experienced Video Games Industry Recruiters. Have you ever noticed how recruiters come and go? Do you get tired of having to build relationships with new consultants, wasting time briefing them on the job and company? That will not happen at High Score Recruitment. Hollie Heraghty and Dan Shiel are unique in that they are Directors and Consultants. They will always be handling your vacancies and overseeing all of the recruitment.


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